Paris, France

Founded in 2001

46 rue René Clair, Paris




Team members

Laure Reinhart

Laure Reinhart


The aim of WILCO is to closely associate corporate and technological resources in order to contribute to the emergence of innovative enterprises and support the development of such projects. WILCO audits the potential projects, counsels and accompanies the future entrepreneurs from both a scientific and technological base as well as from a managerial point of view. The granting of a non-guaranteed no interest loan to the principal entrepreneur(s) of the start-up or project furnishes a real tool of financial leverage. This loan is a personnel loan, ranging from 20 to 90K€ per enterprise, for a period of up to 5 years. After the loan has been granted, WILCO provides a follow-up of the projects it has helped by direct sponsorship, coaching and workshops. WILCO relies on a large network of over 60 experts who provide support to the new entrepreneurs. Since 2002, WILCO’s approval committee has backed 630 businesses with a financial commitment of over €25,5 million. WILCO has a permanent staff of 13. It can call upon a network of some 60 experts, with experience in diverses technologies, finance, marketing and business organization and administration .


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