ACE Applied Cognitive Engineering Ltd (IntelliGym)

ACE Applied Cognitive Engineering Ltd (IntelliGym)

Hod Hasharon, Israel

Founded in 2003

Status: Active

Product Stage: Released

Funding Stage: Seed

Sector: Athlete Development,Apparel

Target sport: Football (Soccer), Ice Hockey

Business model: B2B,B2C



Danny Dankner

Danny Dankner

CEO & Co-founder

Dror Livnat

Dror Livnat



Applied Cognitive Engineering (ACE) develops software-based training tools, or “brain gyms,” designed to significantly improve trainees’ performance in targeted tasks.IntelliGym uses ACE’s patented Cognitive Simulation technology to develop tools for a variety of potential users, including competitive sports players, security personnel, pilots, medical staff, traders, and test-prep students.IntelliGym aims to provide a significant competitive advantage to users who need to manage vast amounts of information and make rapid decisions under pressure.