Tel Aviv, Israel

Founded in 2019

Status: Active

Product Stage: Beta

Sector: Fan Engagement

Target sport: Football (Soccer)

Business model: B2B2C


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Lior Yosef

Lior Yosef

Founder & CEO

Inga Soltanov

Inga Soltanov

Business Development Manager


Fanstatics is a social app that lets football fans to express their professional opinions on their teams, share it with their friends, and receive feedback on their selections. In the app, users can build lineups, analyze the team squad, substitute players when match is live, rate the player performance at the end of the match, and many more. In Fanstatics we believe in the value of the fan and all users selections in the app are calculated and presented under one voice to tell a new story - the fan's perspective on football clubs and players.