Ottawa, Canada

Founded in 2017

Status: Active

Product Stage: Released

Funding Stage: Seed

Sector: Fan Engagement

Target sport: Multisports

Business model: B2B,B2C



Kris McCarthy

Kris McCarthy

Co-Founder & CEO


FanSaves is a digital platform that helps increase sponsorship sales and visibility for junior and professional sports teams while growing fan engagement 365 days a year. Our app works like a digital coupon book, giving fans discounts and deals from businesses that sponsor their favourite sports teams. FanSaves allows sponsors a brand new way to track their return on investment and gain valuable customer insights. How does it work? FanSaves offers fans discounts and deals from the businesses that sponsor their favourite teams. For example, if a local restaurant is a sponsor of an NHL team, fans of that team can receive a discount from that restaurant simply by downloading the free app and following the team. Fans can scroll through and receive deals from any teams that are featured on the app.